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Peter Edens


Influenced by his father , a film projectionist and amateur photographer in Amsterdam, Peter Edens was gifted his first camera at the age of 12. Born in the Netherlands in 1956, Peter saw a lot of pictures during his childhood whilst watching his father work. Getting used to manipulate 35 mm film, Peter inherited his father’s 8 mm movie camera at the age of 14. 


When his father gave him his 35 mm photo camera two years later, Peter started taking photography more seriously.

After his school time Peter started as an apprentice in a specialized photo shop for photographers, and already self-taught, he finished  the Amsterdam school of photography where he was forced to work in black & white, he always preferred colour photography, and continued with this from there on.

After spending family holidays in the south of France throughout his youth, Peter started with

different local photo assignments before starting travelling  in the mid-70’s and spent time working in different countries, soaking up local cultures since then.

Peter describes his work as “unplugged “ :  He spends time with people & cultures, observes and

captures moments in a real, simple and direct way. Whether his vision is humoristic or critical, the

picture must be perfect right on the spot, in order to preserve it's authentic spontaneity; a

discipline that he had implemented from the early beginnings of his photography career and is still loyal to, to this day.


Peter Edens had his first exhibition of his work in Holland in 1978, and France 1984. He currently lives in the South of France, were he had his latest exhibitions in Sète in 2019 and the Arles photography festival in 2020.

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