Influenced by his father as a film projectionist and amateur photographer , Peter Edens got his first camera at the age of 12, a 126 instamatic. Born in Holland 1956, Peter saw a lot of pictures during his childhood when watching his father work.  Being used to manipulate 35 mm film in the operating room,  Peter inherited  his father’s  8 mm movie camera at the age of 14. When his father gave him its NEOCA 35 mm photo camera in 1972 Peter started to take photography more seriously.

In the 70’s , Peter split his time between photography and music, his second passion, as he played in a rock band as a drummer & singer.

After a mediocre school time Peter did finish the Amsterdam school of photography in 1980 where he was forced to work in black & white which he was not fond of and still isn’t.

After spending family holidays in the south of France throughout his youth, Peter started to travel from the mid-70’s and has now spent about half of his life out of Holland, including many countries in Europe, North Africa, Middle east, North America, and currently lives in the south of France.

Peter Edens had his first exhibition of his work in Holland in 1978, and in France 1984. His latest exhibitions were in Sète 2019 and the ARLES festival 2020.  He describes his work as “unplugged” - he captures moments of nature, people & culture, in a real simple and direct way :  the picture must be instantaneously right on the spot where it was taken. A discipline that he had implemented right from the early beginnings of his photography and is still loyal to this method.  Still active today, Peter  still plays rock and photographs the world in a humanist manner

Peter Edens

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